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Bottled Spring Water

bottled water cooler service upper valley nh vtProviding healthy natural spring water to employees & customers has become a benefit that many businesses now provide, and is as commonplace in the office as the computer. We offer fresh, pure, great tasting Natural Vermont Spring Water in 5-gallon reusable bottles. Our bottled spring water service includes free delivery, personalized service, free sanitizing service and same or next day installation! You can also take advantage of Allan’s Vending’s optional WaterGuard system for eliminating spills. It’s simple, very economical, and saves a lot of time and trouble!

Filtered Water Coolers

office water filtration systems service provider upper valley nh vt
For some businesses where bottled water is not practical, we offer filtered water coolers. Most municipal water supplies are biologically safe, and suffer only from cosmetic problems, primarily taste and odor of chlorine. For those users, our most basic systems are more than adequate to provide fresh, clean, delicious tasting water. Another advantage is savings.  20% – 60% depending on volume.

Both of these water systems benefit the environment by reducing plastic waste.  Taste the difference with bottled water and filtration systems customized to fit your specific needs.