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We are proud to offer

Avanti Micro-Market Solution

micro-market-provider-upper-valley-nh-vtA micro market is a small, unmanned retail space where customer purchase items and pay through a kiosk. A micro market is an easy, convenient way to offer a wide variety of food and beverage options that are restocked regularly. A versatile option for any business, each micro market is customized for the locations’ individual needs and preferences.

The breakroom is becoming a place where employees can meet, share ideas, relax and have fun. This leads to worker productivity, creativity and stamina. Micro markets offer a range of different choices and variety for your employees. When companies add fresh, healthy and appetizing options to their breakrooms, it creates an opportunity for employees to sit and have a meal together creating stronger relationships among co-workers.

Transform your breakroom now with Avanti Markets.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum employee count required for a micro market?
50+ employees on-site is recommended to get the most out of your micro market.

What are the costs?
There is no cost to the employer to offer a micro market. Avanti Markets covers the cost of installing the equipment on-site. The only cost involved is for individuals who purchase items at the micro market.

How often are the micro markets stocked?
Depending on the size of the micro market location, and its usage needs, anywhere from two to five times a week.

How soon can the micro market be installed?
Installation typically takes four to six weeks.

How does it work?
Avanti™ uses the latest in self-checkout technology. All products have barcodes, allowing any item  to be paid for through the self checkout in just seconds. Customers pay using credit, debit or their Avanti card! If someone needs assistance they can use our live help option.