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Brewed Coffee

brewed coffee packets upper valley service providerA smooth taste with a rich, balanced flavor create a perfect cup of coffee. We offer quality roasted coffee for one delicious brew. Coffee is packed in portion packs immediately after roasting, to seal in flavor and ensure freshness. Ground coffee, fresh when you need it, no measuring needed—rich, smooth coffee in pre-measured packs. A perfect pot every time.

A commercial coffee brewer will be yours to use free of charge. You can choose from a variety of coffee brewing equipment.


Looking for a coffee product not listed here? Let us know! We can mix and match cases to suit your needs.

Coffee Brewers

coffee brewers allans vending service coffee service company upper valley nh vtProper brewing methods create an ideal coffee drinking experience. We offer BUNN brewing systems to our customers. These are precision brewing and serving systems that are designed to produce optimum flavor. BUNN brewers track the age of brewed coffee ensuring a fresh cup every time, automatically adjusts to varying water pressure and includes programming for brew level, cold brew lock-out and tank temperature, set easily from the front of the machine. All the features are built into a stainless cabinet for long stability and durability. The machine matters!

Brewed Coffee Selections

new england coffee service provider upper valley nh vt

New England Gourmet
2.5 oz packages / 24 count case

Full City Blend
San Francisco Blend
Breakfast Blend
Brussels Blend
Colombian Supremo
French Roast

New England Flavored Selections
2.5 oz packages / 24 count case

Chocolate Raspberry
Hawaiian Macadamia Nut
Mocha Cinnamon Swirl
Hazelnut Creme
Irish Creme
Chocolate Almond
Kahula Creme
Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)
Chocolate Cappuccino
Vanilla Hazelnut
Caramel But
Egg Nog (Seasonal)
Creme Brûlée
Cinnamon Sticky Bunn
Variety Pack (choose from 4 kinds / 6 of each
Hazelnut Decaf
French Vanilla Decaf

Fair Trade Certified Coffee

Central Highlands Blend
Central Highlands Decaf

starbuckscoffee service provider upper valley nh vt
2.5 oz packages / 18 count case

Lightnote Blend

Light, Mild and Welcoming. LightNote Blend is smooth, soft and light, with light-to-medium body, a hint of citrus and a nutty background flavor. A good choice for a first cup of Starbucks coffee.

House Blend

Welcome to Starbucks own House Blend, Easy to drink, with light-to-medium body and a faint hint of toasted nut flavor, this is our timeless signature blend and (not surprisingly) a simply wonderful cup of coffee.

House Blend Decaf

Discover Starbucks own Decaf House Blend. It has all the body and flavor of our House Blend, with one exception. We’ve carefully decaffeinated the coffee using the safest, gentlest methods for a perfect cup every time.

Caffe Verona

Caffe Verona has a long history as Starbucks “80/20 Blend.” The 20% of Italian Roast adds a smoky sweetness to the mellow, hearty 80% of Yukon Blend. Great any time of the day, it’s an excellent pick-me-up and fantastic with chocolate.

Also Available

Breakfast Blend
French Roast


green mountaincoffee service provider upper valley nh vt

Regular Coffees
2.2 oz packages / 100 & 50 count case

Breakfast Blend
Colombian Supreme Popayan
French Roast
Harvest Blend
Nantucket Blend
Our Blend
Vermont Country Blend

Flavored Selections

Belgian Chocolate Nut
Chocolate Truffle Cream
Creme Brûlée
English Toffee Creme
French Vanilla
Irish Creme
Southern Pecan
Rain Forest Nut

Decaf Selections

Vermont Country Blend
French Vanilla
Green Mountain


kings row coffee company logo


Medium Roast

2.5 oz packages / 18 count case

5 world-class beans locally roasted and blended for remarkable natural sweetness, a large creamy body and a smooth finish.

Dark Roast
2.5 oz packages / 18 count case

4 world-class beans locally roasted and blended for a full-bodied coffee with caramel notes and a chocolatey finish.

Additional Coffee Selections

Maxwell House Cafe
1.75 oz package – 42 count case
Maxwell House Decaf
1.5 oz package – 42 count case

Cuban 100% Colombian
1.75 oz package – 42 count case
0.9 oz package – 46 count case

Folders Decaf
0.9 oz package – 46 count case
Instant Packets
Sanka (100 ct) ~ Tasters Choice (100 ct)