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Keurig K-Cups

Keurig-K-Cup-office-coffee-vendor-office-coffee-provider-upper-valley-nh-vtKeurig is the leading coffee by the cup brewing system in America. Why? Because Keurig brewers are expertly designed and engineered to deliver the same great cup of coffee time after time.

This single cup brewing system lets you brew the perfect cup of coffee in under a minute ensuring each cup is served fresh and hot. There is no mess, no grinding beans, measuring coffee or changing filters, just a quick, easy delicious cup of coffee.

Keurig also brews a variety of teas, hot chocolates and specialty beverages. It’s as simple as it gets.

keurig-coffee-by-the-cup-provider-vendor-upper-valley-hanover-nh-woodstock-vt-quechee-vermontDon’t have a Keurig brewing system? No Problem! We will provide you with the right system for your needs. We have a variety to choose from and can set you up with everything you need to begin enjoying your perfect cup of coffee.

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Coffee by the Cup


Regular Coffee\’s

Donut House
Breakfast Blend 

French Roast
Vermont Country Blend 
Our Blend
Organic Sumatra
Half Calf 
Dark Magic

Lake and Lodge
Paul Newmans Special
Kenya AA
Double Black Diamond
Caribou Blend
Caribou Mahogany
Tully Italian Roast
Tully Hawaiian Blend


Breakfast Blend 
Dark Magic 
French Roast 
French Vanilla 
Green Mountain Hazelnut 
Paul Newman\’s Special 
Vermont Country Blend 


Flavored Coffee\’s

Donut House Chocolate Glazed  
Donut House Cinnamon Bunn 
Caramel Vanilla Creme 
Southern Pecan
French Vanilla 
Wild Mountain Blueberry
Black Tiger
Coconut Mocha
Emerills Beg Each
Folgert Vanilla Biscotti
Folgers Black Silk
Green Mountain Rev
Timothys Kahula 


Ginger Bread (November) 
Golden French Toast (January)
Pumpkin Spice (October) 
Spicy Egg Nog (December) 
Island Coconut (May) 
Wicked Winter (January) 

Tea by the Cup


Orange Spice
Earl Gray
Green Tea
Green Tea Decaf

English Breakfast
Lemon Zinger
India Spice Chai
Sleepy Herbal Decaf



Cream & Sugar also available, click here.

Variety Boxes

Regular Sampler
Flavored Sampler

Tea Sampler
Decaf Sampler

Additional K-Cup Options










Breakfast Blend

French Roast


Cafe Domingo
House Blend Decaf

Dunkin Donuts

Iced Mocha
Iced Original
Iced Espresso
Original Blend


Pike Place


House Blend
Major Dickason


French Vanilla

Dark Roast