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Varietals are straight, unblended coffees which offer the characteristic flavor of their distinct bean varieties. The most exquisite coffees come from pure Winslow’s Gourmet CoffeeArabica beans.
Blends combine two or more varieties to bring out the best of each. The result is an entirely new taste not found in the varietals.

Flavored Coffees
Try them all. One may become your favorite dessert!

Banana Nut Royale
Butterscotch Sundae
Chocolate Cappuccino
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Raspberry
Cinnamon Almond Macaroon Cinnamon Hazelnut
Carmel Nut Crunch
Egg Nog
French Vanilla
Hawaiian Hazelnut
Hawaiian Macadamia Nut
Hazelnut Creme
Irish Creme Kahlua Creme
Mocha Cinnamon Swirl
Southern Pecan
Swiss Chocolate Almond
Toasted Almond Creme
Vanilla Almond
Vanilla French Roast
Vanilla Hazelnut

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Brewing Hints

Start with cold, fresh water. If you prefer bottled water to your own tap water, use the bottled version for coffee, too.
Clean your brewing equipment regularly and thoroughly.
Never boil coffee. It destroys coffee’s flavor and integrity.
Serve coffee fresh. Most restaurants will not sell brewed coffee after it has been sitting on a hot plate for more than 20 minutes.
To keep coffee warm, use a thermal container. If possible, avoid using a hot plate. It will burn the coffee after you brew it.